Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 12

Larry decided to leave this morning and cross Lake Oneida. Grama and Ruth and I needed to do some laundry so we took the car into town and found a laundry mat (which was conveniently owned by the liquor store next door lmao). When we returned to the marina we found that the transmission was going in nicely but the motor mount was cracked (I think that’s what they said...) and they needed to order another part. Hopefully if all goes well we’ll leave tomorrow afternoon. When I made it back to the boat I noticed something was a little off…I have no hatch in my v berth!! Papa was after the damn leak again and tore apart the hatch, so there is just a big hole in my ceiling…nothing like sleeping under the stars…he needs to order a new one because he bent it while uninstalling it so hopefully it gets here tomorrow as well…after seeing this and Ruth hearing the news about the mount us girls decided to take a long walk into town. We made it to town and crossed the bridge and back, which took over an hour.
By the time we were home we were starving! We decided to do a kind of pot luck between the two boats and sit and have a picnic. It was nice and we slept well afterwards =].


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devoureddarkness said...

wow it would of really sucked if it rained.
niki would be soaked D: