Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 5

We had another lazy morning i slept in until 11 =]
Once i got up grama, Kathy, Maria, Ruth and i decided to go for a walk up to an inn across the road from the marina for tea and lunch. It was very good and they had real iced tea =] lol (the canadian kind not the american cold tea).
After lunch we arrived back at the marina intime to meet the truck driver whos driving our masts to the end of the cannal where we will put them up again. He was a nice guy and it took a while to load the masts but eventally it was done.
Papa then decided it was time to be on our way down to the cannal and we took off.
Without the mast we're just a funny looking power boat with a keel =].

All down the cannal the scenery was beautiful, the rich housing the water and nature was just perfect =].
Grama pointed out a few ducks and said look its Cheese and Quackers lmao. For those of you who dont know Cheese and Quackers one yr when i was very little grama had some ducks and i named them Cheese and Quackers and i loved those ducks and would feed them and pet them and just loved being near them. Well when i returned one weekend for my visit i found Cheese and Quackers to be missing. Grama told me they had "flown south for the winter" and maybe they would come back in the spring. Well i waited and waited and spring and summer went by with no Chesse and Quackers =[ . I never did believe they had flown south but i hoped they did lol.
We motered for what seemed like forever we arrived at the first lock but it was 7pm and the locks close at 5 so we were out of luck and had to tie up to a huge wall which was the only dockage avaliable. The wall was so big grama was tied to the boat because of her bad knee she couldnt get up it. Luckily Kathy spotted a Timmies and we were all excited lol i took gramas and papas orders and Kathy and Mairia and i walked to Timmies and brought back donuts and coffee and tea =]. while walking back we had a few ppl chuckle at us here i was wearing my canada sweater and carrying 2 Timmies coffees and a box of donuts, lol typical Canadian.


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devoureddarkness said...

you're gonna miss timmies coffee when you can't get any ;D
hope your gramma's knee is better I know how it feels for your knees to be bad D: