Monday, September 8, 2008

Day 2

Layover day
We woke to find the weather man was wrong again and it was pouring outside. Maria had slept over in my V-berth and due to the weather grama decided to let us sleep in!! after breaky maria and i headed to sein fenn to watch a movie. about half way through the movie her G.G. [great grama] came to pick us up to meet kathy [maria's grandmother] in town. she surprised us with pedicures!! we had fun =] the rest of the day was pretty mellow after that just supper and and early night because we head to buffalo in the morning.

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devoureddarkness said...

so I'm def saving this on my toolbar now and going to comment anytime I can so I can still keep in contact with you. =]
and hope you don;t get into much trouble while your sailing that would majorly suck
=[ <33