Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 15

Planned departure 7am, departure 9am. When we woke this morning we found that it was sooo foggy we couldn’t see across the canal or even the lock in front of us (we were maybe 50’ away)! But I wasn’t too discouraged at this because that means I can go back to bed!
Once we finally did get underway it was decided that I was to freeze my buns off and go forward and sit on the bow with my Yapalong (kinda like a little FRS that has a mic and a headphone so I can talk to papa while he’s in the cockpit)and point out the buoys., but even then it was hard to stay in the channel.
We did 8 locks today dropping 20.5’, 8’, 8’, 11’, 12’, 12’, 15’. To some this might not seem like a lot but each lock takes aprox 1/2 h and your trying to hold a boat (and in some cases two boats because Larry has rafted off us a few times due to his lack of crew) from hitting the wall but keep it near the wall so its undercontrol. Once the back end of the boat starts to swing it’s hard to hold her! So it was a long day. We planned to dock at a marina but when we passed we noticed that they had no dockage for sailboats =[ and they had showers and wifi ;_;!!! Instead we tied up outside lock 8 for the night.


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devoureddarkness said...

I'm commented you bugger,
just so you know I never understood the whole lock thing they are just really odd to me xD
I've been in on and was like this is dumb...
but anyways go sleep ;D
cause I need sleep too xD
<3~ yah