Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 13

Everything arrived on time this morning =] papa went to installing my hatch, Dick went to installing his things and Grama and I headed to town to pic up a few things before getting underway (and to just get away from the grumpy men ;] lol).
When we arrived back at the boat we put away groceries and prepared to head out =]
Papa started the engine and we untied lines…and then the engine staled… Grama and I were about to cry! We wanted to leave and get down south to where it was warm and we don’t need to work all day and we can relax in the sun!!!
…but remember I said when we arrived at Ess-Kay papa changed the filters, well he didn’t bleed the lines and we just had air in the diesel and it wasn’t a hard fix…once we figured it out…
Well with that drama out of the way we were ready to leave at 4pm sharp. It was supposed to be 4h to cross Lake Oneida but we did it in 3 =]. The scenery was beautiful and it made us just want to hoist up the sail and kill the engine!...but if we did I don’t think we would have gone very far lmao.
We arrived at Sylvan Beach at 7:55pm and Dick really wanted pizza lol. As I said to Ruth that man thinks about pizza more than I do lol and I like pizza! So papa and I managed to convince Grama to go get pizza with Dick and Ruth (and I you know grama that was such a hard task lmao we said “Grama how about we go get pizza for supper” and she jumped up and was leading the way!). the pizza place we found had some really good pizza, it was like a Chef Bondies back home =]…although the man tried to charge us $56 for 2 large pizzas!!!


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devoureddarkness said...

lol but they didn't think Papa was weird by ordering a Hawaiian because of me ;D
Well its seems like you're having fun (and working alot x])
<3 miss you hunni~