Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 4

We had a very lazy morning it was nice =].
Around noon we went for a pump out and diesel and then headed down the river to Anchor Marine where we were removing our masts (we need to take down the mast because the bridges along the cannal are short and some dont move).
On the way down we had to go through our first lock =] it was only a 5m drop but it was the first ive ever been through.

Well for those of you who didnt know all of us have been really stressed out from things going wrong to just missing home and we've all been at the end of our ropes...but here Dick was literally at the end of his rope...
Once at Anchor Marine the guys moved quickly and dropped all 3 of our masts (ours, Sinn Feinn's and Grace C's) in 2 hours which is very good time.
Later on in the evening papa tripped on the dock and we all thought he was going to go into the drink but he managed to right himself but dropped his bag or tools as well as 6 turn buckles(urn buckles are expensive and important parts of the rigging on the mast) over the opposite side of the dock (dont ask me how). It looks like im going diving in the morning >_>


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devoureddarkness said...

ew gross D:
and that would suck big time if you couldn't get them out =[