Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 56

We decided to stay in Elizabeth City for the day to get groceries and have hot showers xD.
I was a little leery about walking around town after Denis and Karen got back from getting diesel… apparently while filling their jerry cans a van full of girls drove up to get gas and eventually a fight broke out. The police were called and when the officers arrived the girls started swinging at them and the police fought back with their clubs and even tasered one girl! And apparently the cabby or someone was talking about a drive by shooting =/.
We went to the grocery store and really we weren’t impressed…it smelled and looked waaayyy passed its prime papa even had to go stand outside because the smell bugged him…needless to say we didn’t shop, although the cashier (who I think owned the place) was very nice and told us about the festivities for the night (I forgot it’s HALOWEEN!)… I know there are a lot of you who are going to be extremely disappointed in me (Fattie and Matt lmao) but no I did not buy a pirate outfit to wear for the day…or any other day for that matter.
After getting a few more groceries at the CVS we took the boat to a nearby marina to get a pump out. And we had planned to move to the town dock after the incident in the morn and tonight being Halloween…but the available slip was 11’ wide and our beam is 11.8’ so we couldn’t fit =[. We tied back on the wall.
Just after we tied back on the wall Denis came to talk to us because the slip he was in was 12’ wide and he is only 10.8’ so if he moved into the 11’ slip we could take his and be on the town dock and not in the middle of the park. We told him that we’d talk about it after since Karen was busy and we didn’t need to do it immediately.
Apparently Papa and Grama had talked to a man that worked the town docks and heard about a little deli that served the best ruben sandwiches so we headed there for lunch. It was really good! To make the afternoon even better we headed up to the showers xD lol.
We did move the boat down to the town dock and in time for the wine and cheese party tonight xD. We even met up with Banshee, Phase II, and I can’t remember the boat name of their companion, and we met some new people, there was a couple on the boat next to us ‘Windsome’ that joined us at the theater later. This party was run by the mayor himself and was fun. From him we heard about their movie theater and later decided to go =]. It was sooooo cool! It opens at 6 and you enter and sit at a table which are set in rows kinda and on different levels so you can see the screen. And you have a dinner menu and once you decide on what you want you pick up the phone in the middle of the table, dial 0 and you order your food (they had steaks and really good food! And the desert menu was amazing!). So you eat your meal and at 7:00 the movie starts and you just turn your chair around and watch the movie. We watched Pride and Glory…it was ok kinda disturbing. It was definitely something different and I’d definitely recommend going there! All in all I’m glad we didn’t leave in the morning. The story Denis and Karen had from the morning really rattled us and we might not have stopped in on the way back but everyone we met was extremely nice and we had a great time talking to people.


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Sammeh said...

lol had a more exciting night than I did for halloween I def work til 7:30 and sat at home for the rest of the night xD