Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 77

I was barely awake when I heard papa talking to Mariah this morning. They informed us that there would only be two openings at the Ladies Island Bridge, a 10am opening as well as a 2pm opening. So I was rushed out of bed and had no time to get out of my pjs before pulling up anchor in an attempt to make the 10am bridge, which was still 20miles south of us. We got underway and we’re making ok time. We thought we might make it. We talked to Tony and he informed us that the free private dock he had for us (a friend of a friend of a friend’s) and that it was in factory creek that was just north of the bridge. We decided that we would go through the bridge if we made it so we could get an early start and not have to wait for the bridge in order to move.
All was looking well and it was nearing low tide so we had a bit of a slack tide, when I decided that it was friggin’ cold and I was making soup! Lol. I brought some up for Grama and Papa as well. Papa put on the auto helm so he could eat…and we went aground in 2.5’ of water >_>. We tried backing out, pivoting out and we put out the jib and the main and tried to heal over enough so we could get out. We healed over to the rub rail and even then we didn’t budge. Brandaris wanted to try and help but we were stuck and they draw at least a foot more than us. A motor vessel named Christine who was passing by that only drew 4’ offered their assistance but hit bottom once trying to get near us. All we could do was wait a couple of hours for the tide to come up.
While we were sitting stuck Southern Cross passed us =] so they were finally caught up and so did another powerboat. We radioed them and asked if they would speed past and wake us in hopes we could dislodge ourselves…the wake rolled past us and we didn’t even budge!
Finally 2 and a bit hours later we got off and made our way to factory creek and met up with everyone =].
And we saw some dolphins =]

Grama and I wanted to see Beaufort (pronounced Be-U-fort unlike NC’s Beaufort that is pronounced Bow-fort, and let me tell you they get mad if you mispronounce it!!) So Diane, Papa, Grama and I headed across Ladies Island Bridge to Beaufort SC and arranged to take a carriage ride tour. The horse pulling the carriage was huge! He was a Belgian Draft named Duke that was nearly 20 hands. They had tried to get him into the Geniuses book but he lost by 1/4inch =[.


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Sammeh said...

♥awes dolphins
and good job at getting stuck xD you guys are prettty pro.