Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 78

It was a late morning this morning but it was sooo windy and cold. The guys wanted to leave but since we had to navigate a wide river and cross a sound the women weren’t thrilled with the idea. There was a skippers meeting on Vertigo 1 about whether or not to leave at the 10am bridge. Diane jumped ship and came over and we had an admiral meeting haha.
We heard of the decision the men had made when papa called Brandaris to inform them of our plans…well this lack of regard for our input on our travel plans didn’t sit well with the admirals, like they didn’t even let us know what they were thinking before informing everyone else! Honestly I wouldn’t have minded leaving but we had received a phone call from Kathy and they’re going to catch up to us today with an ETA of 4pm!...well if we stay. As well there are 25-30knot winds and when there’s a free dock here why not wait?
The men decided to head out at the 2pm bridge since the forecast predicted that the winds would die down…well in an act of protest (with a few heated words) the girls took a cab to town. Papa and Tony were slightly worried we wouldn’t be back until 5mins after 2.
Well shopping kinda calmed us down and we made a few good purchases lol. But when we arrived back on the boat the men stuck to their guns and we were definitely leaving! Southern Cross and Brandaris had opted to stay behind but Grace C, Vertigo 1 and ourselves headed out on the 2pm bridge.
We made it to Skull Creek Marina and spent the night. Docking was a little tricky here. There was a lot of current! Grace C docked and had the current pulling her off the dock while we were docked opposite them and had the current pushing us into the dock at high speeds >_>. The only dock hand they had was a live-a-board who paid his dockage by working…Diane made a joke that was very cruel but true lol…he should be paying his dockage by promising to NOT help! He was soo old, a sailor past his prime…or a retired redneck we’re not sure haha. I plugged us into hydro but forgot to turn the breaker on and when I went back to flip the switch he freaked and asked me what I was doing! I answered that I forgot to turn on the breaker so I came back to do it. He pushed me out of the way and promptly turned the switch off. I told him that we had hydro once I flipped the switch, and he seemed oblivious to the fact I was there and unplugged our cord and wondered looking around muttering that now he’ll have to find another spot for us. By then Grama had come over and I quickly explained to her the situation. He then suddenly rounded on us and stated he’ll have to take it down there, pointing to the box where Vertigo and another vessel were plugged in. I pointed out that there were only 2 plugs over there and they were already occupied. He studied me for a moment and rolled his eyes and said well I’ll go see about that! Grama and I just waited by the boat unsure what to do lol. He came back shortly because the box was indeed full and he was now on the hunt for a new place for us to plug in. In the center of the dock was the box that contained all the fuses and Grama had checked and there was a 30amp plug we could use. We stayed quiet unsure if we pointed it out if he would let us use it. Well it looked hopeful when he headed right for it…but then he opened the cover of a 12amp plug and looked puzzled inspecting the plug and our cord. After a couple of minutes he decided that it wouldn’t fit and moved on to another 12amp plug, where he spent another min looking over the plug and our cord trying to figure out if it would work. Finally Grama quietly walked over and asked how about this one, while opening the cover of the 30amp plug. He kinda looked at her and then studied the plug and cord for another few mins. Well he decided that it would fit and played with it for a min turning the plug until it fit. Grama and I could hardly suppress a laugh of disbelief when he then said…now let’s see if I can figure out how to turn this one on. The whole time he seemed to be in his own little world, completely oblivious to our presence.
Well that was the most excitement for the evening. We made supper and watched the movie Taken, then of course some Ugly Betty to lighten the mood before bed haha.


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Sammeh said...

LOL I love how long you talked about this guy.
like apparently other than that your day wasn't very interesting XD