Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 76

Well we left the dock with Brandaris at 830 to catch the 9am bridge. One Day pulled up their anchor and traveled with us. We motored all day, saw a few dolphins and made good tracks. We anchored in Rock Creek, which has less depth at high tide than the charts show at low tide! The first time we put the hook down we dragged quite a ways before we went back to the opening of the anchorage and re-anchored with better luck. We then promptly put the motor on the dingy, mixed and grabbed drinks, and headed over to Brandaris to party! Lmao.
Later when we finally returned to Nice Butt we heard a vessel named Mariah hailing the coastguard but was getting no response. After a few mins they called for a radio check to make sure they were still on the air, and we responded that we could hear them in Rock Creek. After attempting to hail the coastguard a few more times they hailed us. Apparently they had just found out about the Ladies Island bridge being out of commission and wanted more information. We then drilled them about what they had heard because he hadn’t received any news of this and we were suppose to head through that bridge tomorrow. We arranged that if either vessel was to obtain any other information on it that we’d hail each other.


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Sammeh said...

don't even wannnna guess x]
well thats no fun, I wannna go to a ladies island : D