Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 83

Happy American Thanksgiving! We got up this morning and Grama headed off for groceries with Kathy who had found someone to drive them while papa went to pay the dockage and I tidied up.
The thanksgiving dinner was from 11am when they started serving oysters (although you had to shuck them yourself) to whenever everyone left after eating the lunch/supper that was served at 1. There was soo much food it was unbelievable! It was a pot luck but locals would cook turkeys and ham for all the boaters who couldn’t cook them. Everyone had HUGE piles on their plates and we all looked like pigs lol but after 72 boats (about 176 ppl) were fed there were still 3 whole turkeys that hadn’t been touched! It was an amazing time and we talked to some of the locals who were the friendliest people. The rest of our convoy who opted not to come missed out!
We were so stuffed we opted for a lazy night and watched a couple of movies.



Memryqlts said...

Glad that you enjoyed our Thanksgiving Holiday! Where were you? It would be wonderful if you included that information in your posts. :) My daughter, husband, and I went to my sister-in-law's house for Thanksgiving. Had a great time.

Sammeh said...

Happy American Thanksgiving~ :D
♥hope you had a good time love
that's great on how the locals are such nice people :D