Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 62

So the weather was bad and we (the admiral and I) decided if no one else was leaving because the weather was so bad then neither were we! Although Papa still made me get up =[.
Basically today we did the Belhaven Museum and had ice cream at the coffee shop where everyone’s been hanging out and Tony arranged for us to have crabs for supper!
The museum was…interesting…as in I would never go back nor would I recommend it…I don’t even think museum is the right word for it…it was like Belhaven’s Believe it or Not. It was a big dirty cement room with a ton of things piled everywhere. It’s like my Great Grandma Wonch’s house, with old trinkets pilled from floor to ceiling. You walk in and are overwhelmed by the musty, moldy smell (again like the mold-spore motel :P, long story) and there is this guy right at the entrance who tells you to sign the guest book and says ‘and we accept donations’ and will stand there until you donate something. Everything in the museum was donated by people in the community…and mainly by one lady. There is old clothing that should be in a climate control boxes out on manikins going yellow and falling apart. Half the time you couldn’t see the contents of the glass cases due to the amount of dust. They also had a creepy collection of things in formaldehyde. Such as 3 jars with still born babies of various ages, a 2 headed pig, an 8 legged pig, a 1 eyed pig (like the whole forehead was one eye =/), a jar containing a 10lbs tumor they took off of some lady at the hospital a block away and literally dozens of other jars containing different things! Just past that there is a little room that looks to have some posters from the world wars…but I didn’t get a good look because you’d have to squeeze pass a creepy stuffed turkey with a fake head and a goat looking head thing that is kinda like a deer head you’d hang over a fireplace, that were just sitting in the middle of the floor =/.
From there we went to the coffee shop which has become the Port Stanley Fleets hangout and I convinced Papa (which wasn’t very hard) to get ice cream xD and we hung out there for quite a while.
Tony and Diane made good friends with the girl who worked at the coffee shop and she arranged to get us a bushel of crabs and said she’d have her hubby come down to the marina and steam them for us!
So 5pm was the arranged time and as I said everyone gets there an hour or so early haha and true to her word she and her hubby came and steamed the crabs and she showed us how to crack them and everything…now I don’t think past this trip I would really ever go out of my way to do it again but as gross and messy as it was I enjoyed the crab! It melted in your mouth it was sooo good! But it is necessary to shower after you eat crab lmao scrubbing with soap doesn’t get rid of the smell at all!
I’m positive we’re leaving in the morning come hell or high water because papa is itching to move and a little sour we didn’t today. So next we’re off to Oriental NC.


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Sammeh said...

haha sooo thats a definite place where I don't want to be alone. They might juuuust kill me :p