Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 66

Left Wrightsville beach and headed to St. James Plantation where we met Brandaris! It was a long haul but for a lot of it we were traveling at 8 or 9knots! We even managed 9.5knots for a while!...for sailors this is fast…but in reality its only 17km/h….so for ppl who comment that we haven’t gone very far, that’s why!
We arrived at St. James Plantation and fueled up and raced to the one available shower haha, though you’d think since they can hold 300-400 boats that they’d have more than one shower. Later the girls wasted no time in heading to Wall mart.
We had supper out and had some good seafood!


1 comment:

Sammeh said...

I cannot walk that fast sooo you're good. thats faster than me :D
I can only run 6km/hr :D