Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 82

I was amazed that Papa actually slept in this morning and wasn’t up right at 6am lol. This morning we are all splitting up again. Sinn Fein and ourselves are off to St. Marys for their Thanksgiving feasts and parties lol, Vertigo 1 and Grace C are off the Fernandina Beach FL, and the rest are laying over to further explore the island.
Before we took off I wanted a picture of the whole group together after that idea failing last night. So I rounded everyone up and we actually got the pic lol. I was pleased.
It took a lot longer than I expected to get to St. Marys. I got about 38pages of physics done lol!
We were a little leery about St. Marys because since it’s a big attraction to boaters at thanksgiving we expected it to be very cramped in the anchorage and we weren’t sure what the holding would be like, so we definitely wanted a dock. When we were heading up the St. Marys river we could see a lot of sticks (masts) and were kinda worried but Kathy called Lang’s Marina and secured dockage for both of us.
When we finally made it to the town we were surprised to see that how pretty the town is and the anchorage had a few spots where there was room enough to throw out the hook. We were slightly unclear as to where to go and we circled quite a few times and called the marina. Right away a local guy called us up on his handheld and said he’d show us to the marina and find the slips for us. This was greatly appreciated because it was low tide and there wasn’t much room to maneuver. At the dock we had at least 6 people to help us tie up and once that was completed they told us that there was a meet and great happy hour up at a local bar at 5, but in the meantime a Pusser’s party was about to start on our dock so we should go grab mugs. We chatted with all the boaters and a few friends: Plumbpuppet, Sunset, Blue Moon, Mariah (we talked to them on the VHF about the Ladies Island Bridge).
One of the couples we met were from Chicago and it was there first time heading south on their catamaran and along with them was their 3yr old son (who I was amazed to find was only 3 as he knows more about geography than I do!). Kathy pointed out that there was a park just around the corner and Maria, Quinn (the 3yr old), his dad and I headed up to the park. It was gorgeous! There was the park surrounded by palm trees and benches with a big water fountain and a small bandstand and some more benches placed looking out over the river.
At 5 we moved the party to the bar/restaurant where everyone brought a little something to munch on. Here we met some more boaters as well as some more old faces (One Day). It was very cramped lol but everyone was smiling and having a great time. Not long after the party started there was some live music.
By the time we got back to the boat no one was hungry and we just flaked out on the galley couch and watched a couple episodes of Cold Case.


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Sammeh said...

kay watching cold case is a nono.
you obviously have to watch csi miami xD
even though you just got to florida you're still almost to the bahamas :D
excited? :D
and I forgot to ask ms. rock about physics I sorry D:
♥love yah