Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 70

I woke up this morning to papa calling Grace C over the radio and laid there just waiting to hear Grama or him holler for me to get my but out of bed… I was quite delighted when it never came! Papa called Grace C to tell them that due to the fog we were going to wait and start later when it lifts! Sweet!
It was around8 when I finally pulled myself out of bed. I checked the temp and it was 21°C! We cast off and headed back down the ICW. It wasn’t long before we saw a few dolphins =] and not long after that a few bald eagles!
All the boats traveled single file and some passed occasionally. On one of the occasions the captain of the overtaking vessel radioed ahead to us and instead of saying one or two whistles (starboard or port pass) he radioed “Nice Butt I’m going to pass on your left cheek” Grama and I burst out laughing and it didn’t even phase papa. It wasn’t until tony came over once we were anchored at the end of the day did he realize the play on our name.
It was a long day, mainly because it was overcast and grey and the currents and wind were against us the whole day. We had hoped to get to Charleston but with the weather the way it was it wasn’t possible. Papa called to make reservations for tomorrow in Charleston but apparently they’re full so we’d have to wait until Sunday before we can get in.
We found a little anchorage not very far from our previous destination but it was literally in the middle of nowhere. Around the ICW at this point is all marsh and grass…at low tide you can see grass where you would have expected the channel to be. So basically where we anchored was just a whole in the grass, and nothing to protect us from the ocean winds.
Papa and I attempted to deploy what papa calls his secret weapon, but it’s just a stay sail. It took a while and a few arguments to do so, so I hope the thing works *rolls eyes*.
Once we all got settled Dick and Tony came over and then we all settled in for a quiet night.


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Sammeh said...

you guys have too much fun with the play on words that pertain with the boat name XD
I wish it was 21 degrees here ._.
me want warmth~ warmth is goooodd~