Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 69

I was soo excited because I was to sleep in this morning!...but as the sun rose and flooded my berth with light it was hard to sleep. Normally I would just throw the covers over my head but it was way too hot!! :P For the last long leg of the trip it’s been freezing in the mornings with frost covering the canvas and it’s so hard to pull yourself from the warmth of the covers, so as much as I hate mornings I enjoyed this little switch =].
Grama and Papa headed off to do laundry and I stayed back to do hw.
Three hours later Vertigo 1 decided to leave and go to another marina which was $0.35 cheaper and had wifi, showers and so on. I went up to ask where the laundry mat was because if it wasn’t far id go see what they’re up to lmao. I went to the office (a shack with a desk) and the guy gave me a dirty look and told me that the laundry matt was 2 blocks up, 10 blocks left and 4blocks right…well right then I decided it was pointless to go try and find them. Then he casually asked if we were staying another night, I replied that I didn’t think we were but I wasn’t sure. He then informed me that we were past check out time and he would be charging extra since we were still on the dock. I told him that I would try and find my grandparents and we’d discuss our plans for the day, he barked at me that I better do it fast! Or I could sign the papers now myself… ok do I look like I have stupid written on my forehead? I told him I’m not signing papers considering one I’ve never heard of signing papers in order to leave nor would I be able to do so immediately anyways and I’m not of a legal age to do so. He just glared as I left. I had told Vertigo that we’d call on the VHF ch16 later so I decided to go call them and see if they would call papa’s cell since I didn’t have a phone. Well Tony wasn’t answering so I wasn’t sure how to get a hold of them =/. Eventually I opened up papa’s laptop and called him with Skype. They came right back and we left not very long after to where Vertigo 1 moved to.
Once we were settled Grama and I went to town. We checked out some of the shops. One of the shops we were in had Pirate-opoly and I really wanted it haha. So I convinced Grams to get it for me =]. She’s the best! :P. We also laughed because in the Christmas stuff they had out there was a pillow that I should have gotten. It said ‘who needs Santa, I’ve got Grandparents’! What can I say it would be perfect for me xD.
We got back to the boat and found Tony and Diane arranged for us to get 4lbs of fresh shrimp tonight their treat =]. I convinced Grama that we should make some potato salad to go with it…somehow I started it and then went to do some things and when I came back it was all done…
We had a late supper on Vertigo 1 and it was sooo good! We partied (well sat around lol) and then turned in for the night. We’re planning on heading to Charleston SC in the morn.


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Sammeh said...

WELL I would be like, LOL, you suck, and walk away :D
that guy is... quite... a ***** :D
and you better bring pirate-oply XD when you come caaaauuusee thats awesome :D
and yeah I do have to agree that pillow would of been grande XD