Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 68

We had a standard morning up at the crack of dawn and casting off our lines…well we stayed on the dock and chatted for a bi first :P. We passed golf courses and summerhouses that were HUGE with 4 car garages, pools inside big glass buildings and dock houses that were the size of some apartments!
We were told we were now in alligator country but we haven’t seen any yet =[. It was a pretty uneventful day, I sat and worked on a slideshow I’m doing and then a couple of hours of hw.
When we got to Georgetown it was packed! We also hit bottom once just getting into the anchorage. We attempted to anchor but with the current and the amount of boats we opted for a dock. We picked the first dock we saw and tied for the night lol. It was $1.75 a foot, which is pricey for dockage, and the facilities were state of the art out houses >_>. But they did have wifi. Tony followed us and docked just behind us but Dick anchored out.
We of course had everyone over for happy hour lmao and that’s pretty much all we did haha


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Sammeh said...

when you see alligators, I wannna see pictures with you luring them with meat :D
make sure your hand isn't anywhere near them D:
they just might eat my pet panda
oh noes that would be horrible *cries*