Saturday, November 29, 2008

Day 80

We left the anchorage early in the morning and traveled another 60 miles down the ICW and Mud Creek >_>. Mud Creek is as slushy and muddy as its name would suggest. It could very well be the shallowest length of the ICW and making that leg at low tide is not the wisest idea…but who on this boat is wise? We hit Mud creek at low tide and bumped a few times but having 3 boats that draw more than us clearing a path…and in some places dredging for us lmao…wasn’t that bad. At Fredericka River we anchored for the night. We’re only 20miles from Florida! Our plans for the next few days are to take it slow and wait to get to St. Maries on Thursday for thanksgiving and the potluck thing they have their. So tomorrow we make a 15mile stunt to Jekyll Island, where there a tons of millionaire ‘cottages’ (HUGE mansions). This island once held 1/6th of the worlds’ wealth! But Grama laughed when Tony pointed out that more importantly there are a few herds of wild horses xD


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