Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 59

We had a fairly lazy morning…well at least I did lol. Lazed in bed till close to noon online talking to friends and then Papa decided we should walk into town…except then it was determined that I really should do more hw and I stayed behind and did work while they poked around town :P.
The guy came to look at the alternator and found some loose wires…since the battery is full we can’t tell if it’s working or not…so we unplugged from shore power and plugged everything that has a large draw in! lol hopefully once the batteries drain some our problems will have been fixed.
later when they returned we heard Vertigo I, Grace C and Whippoorwill on the VHF. So we talked to them and found out they were heading in to anchor near us =]. The group is starting to reassemble.
We talked and it was decided that Grama and I would walk up main st and they’d walk down and we’d meet each other…seemed logical. So we started walking and met up with two guys we had met previously that were at the same marina. They were taking the marina golf cart to the grocery store and since they were headed down main st they offered to give us a lift.
…well the only way to describe this golf cart is…it looks just like something you’d see in the flinstones haha. It has no breaks..not even an emergency break…it has no lights or anything. The more ppl in it the slower it goes (i.e. you walk faster then it) and it slows and you think ‘oh shoot it’s going to die’… but then it just picks up a little speed again.
Anyways we’re coming to a red light at the intersection in town so the guy who’s driving hits the breaks…the nonexistent breaks… and we’re reminding him (loudly) you need to put it in reverse to stop! and we’re coasting and coasting… and you wouldn’t expect it to coast as far as we did considering you could walk faster than we were traveling...and he’s still kicking and slamming the nonexistent breaks…and Diane described us as all having the arms flailing as we entered and stopped in the middle of the intersection >_>…and the driver tentatively said “…I think I should step on it”
Diane, Tony and Ruth all witnessed this. And after making it safely though the intersection we laughed and waved at them and told the driver there were our friends. The brother then said “they want to get out…” and the driver, thinking we were joking about the whole incident continued down the road and laughed and said “oh give me a break” finally the brother convinced him that no we actually wanted out lol and it took us another half a block to coast to a stop.
In the meantime Diane came running down the street after us lmao. We met and did hugs and Dick showed up out of nowhere lol and we decided to walk back to Nice Butt.
We got back to the boat and found papa on Skype with Murray and Heather Rand, friends from the sailing squadron who have done this trip for 10yrs…although I don’t get how :P. We all chatted for a while and caught up. It was nice =].
Later we headed up to the restaurant…it was good food but they definitely gave you a workout for it! We decided to go for the buffet because that’s all our waitress said they did, we asked where it was and she said just around the corner there…well it was just like papas just around the corner when we were finding the post office in Hampton! We walked around the corner and down the hall, and another girl pointed us through the doorway and through the office, and down another hallway until finally we came to the buffet lol! And then you had to find your way all the way back to your table! Needless to say I’m lazy and only made the trip a second time for dessert xD.



Memryqlts said...

Great story about riding in the golf cart! Glad you are meeting up with friends.

Sammeh said...

I could totally imagine that car stopping in the middle of the intersection lol xD
so did you mail the stuff than?