Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 72

Pulled up anchor and headed to Charleston. It was cold in the morn! I woke up and could see my breath it was horrible I thought it was suppose to get warmer the farther south you get!
It wasn’t a pleasant day for traveling but it wasn’t terrible. While we were navigating a bridge we received a phone call from Kathy on Sinn Fein… they just can’t catch a break! They left Swansboro this morning at 7am and came to the first bridge to find its broken down! So they’re anchored outside of it for I don’t know how long, could be a day or so…
Well we made it to Charleston. Gramas back is not doing well at all and she’s been confined to laying down. I jumped at the chance to get online and spent a lot of the day chatting with friends.
Before supper we decided to use Skype and call people and check on things back home. Aunt Connie refused to answer her phone :P but we did talk to uncle Dave, Aunt Betty, Aunt Marge in the hospital and then my dad to wish my little bro a happy birthday in case I can’t get on tomorrow…
Later I convinced Grama and papa to watch Wall.E with me =] and headed off to bed.


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Sammeh said...

I looooooveeee wall.e :D
hope your grama feels good sooon ♥