Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 57

So papa woke me up early again =[ lol. We headed down the river and through the sound to get to Alligator River…which doesn’t have any alligators.
Here we stopped for fuel and noticed that our alternator wasn’t working =/ and our batteries were getting low not having plugged into power for 3 days. Banshee was pulling in here for the night but Southern Cross had moved on. We decided to stay and plug in because we didn’t want to be out in the river and have dead batteries and their wasn’t another marina for 50knots.
So we pulled in and papa went to work on trying to find a loose wire or something but had no luck and eventually gave up after determining it didn’t have to do with the electrical. Then he decided to change the fuel filters *rolls eyes* of course.
We finally ate dinner at 730 when he was finished…I believe he started at 3…but its better then not changing them..or Grama and I trying to do it lmao.
And now I’m going to watch a movie and head to bed!



Sammeh said...

why have a river named after something that is not even there D:
I'm so disappointed D:
tsk tsk.

urmum said...

How disappointing.
I was anxiously waiting to hear tales of ghost ships that sailed passed in the middle of the night since the dead walk the earth on Halloween I thought the ships would sail too.

Happy Belated Halloween!!