Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 60

Laundry day. So Grama made me get up in the morning =[ lol I hate mornings. We got up and headed down to the laundry mat where we met up with Dick, Ruth, Diane, Tony
and Karen and later Ab. Papa left to get his hair cut…and for some reason came back with another jerry can and a few other items lmao, I swear he’s just as bad as Grama and I.
Eventually we got our million loads washed and folded and sent them back to the boat with papa while we took a look around town. Papa was suppose to drop the stuff at the boat and walk back into town so we waited, and waited, and waited until finally we decided to walk back thinking we’d meet him part way or that maybe he met with the mechanic. We made it back to the boat and found him chatting with the crews of Banshee and Plumbpuppet. So we moved the party back to Nice Butt and had a little happy hour, and decided to meet up at 5 for supper at a local restaurant. I think we made some more friends =].
No sooner had everyone left our cockpit then Diane, Tony, Dick and Ruth showed up to have happy hour lmao. We even had to kick them out so we wouldn’t be late for supper haha. It was a hard day of socializing xD.
We ate at the Fish Hook and it was really really good!


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Sammeh said...

"happy hour" :p I love that phrase :D
I still need to do my laundry, its def just chilling in my basement haha :D