Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 63

Moved to….I’m not sure what it’s called but its one creek north of Oriental. And of course we’re up before dawn when the water is so calm and reflecting the colours in the sky and if I was a morning person I might have even been happy to sit and watch it :P.
We left slightly ahead of the group but it was neat when power boats went to pass they called the Canadian vessel pulling the dingy…which after the first boat they realized related to the 4 of us haha.
It wasn’t a bad day slow and steady like normal. When we were approaching oriental we passed close by Unleaded and had a quick ‘hi’ and ‘how are ya’. He was attempting to sail since we had quite a bit of daylight left but there was hardly any wind.
We talked to Karen and Denis and they weren’t technically in Oriental but in Whittacker Creek which is very near Oriental. So here we met up with Karen and Denis =] and had a long chat before dispersing to our assigned docks.
Papa and Grama both headed into town in two different groups but I don’t think they purchased anything. After that we had a fairly quiet night and we plan to head probably to Beaufort NC in the morn.


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