Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 65

We left Swansboro just as the sun was rising and headed on to Wrightsville Beach, which was I think one of our longest days yet. It was a 54mile hike with 3 bridges and at each one we were held up for at least 1/2h. But there’s always a ying and a yang because although the day sucked we saw over the trip a dozen dolphins =].
Wrightsville beach surprised us because ever place we’ve visited along the ditch (ICW) has been smaller than St. Thomas….Wrightsville Beach was HUGE! Like condos everywhere. There were dozens of boats in the anchorage and we found room to get settled in for the night. Papa really wanted to try out the stay sail so we tinkered around and got it up…we think it worked but there really wasn’t enough wind or current to tell.
Southern Cross, Grace C and ourselves decided to go out for pizza. It was good stuff but the table was smaller than the one in our galley haha and there were 7 of us squeezing around the table. Regardless we had a blast and went back to the boat very full.
We pulled out the little dvd player we have and watched some of Ugly Betty (the show that papa couldn’t stand back home because he never watched it but he now loves!). it was funny after when the fleet had a bit of a conference on VHF ch17 about the next days’ plans… all the guys were told to check the charts and look at the tides and so we can make a good run tomorrow…but papa just said “well I trust your judgment (to Denis) so I’ll stand by and watch Ugly Betty” lmao.


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