Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 71

Spent the day at Anchor. Well it was a warm but windy and wet day.
At some point last night Papa and Grama took down the stay sail because it was flapping against the boom and bimini. We decided to try and get it back up when the tide was heading out because with the opposing current and wind we were broadside to both. Well putting it up in winds in excess of 30 knots is kinda hard…and after a half hour we almost did a few 360s we aborted the mission hoping we didn’t wrap the chain around the keel =/.
After all the excitement we pretty much did our own things all day (and things Grama insists I do like hw :P). It was kinda lazy but I enjoyed it, although there was no wifi.
Before supper Tony and Diane came over for a bit and we chatted and watched a couple of dolphins play around the anchorage =].
We rocked and spun all night but luckily the holding was very good.

Side note: an update on our friends on Sinn Fein: Yesterday. Well they’ve been trying to catch up but the weathers been hampering their efforts. They called the marina in Swansboro looking for dockage since the weather was getting nasty…but the marina was full and tried to turn them away. They said look we need a place, so they let them tie in the well where they haul out boats. That night there was a tornado through the town and buildings were demolished and one local was lost…luckily Sinn Fein was undamaged and the crew safe.
Today- they still had 50 knot winds and bad weather so they stayed put.


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Sammeh said...

well doing your homework is good niki :D
be a good girl
and glad to know that sinn fein is alright =]