Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 203

Happy Birthday Maria!

We told everyone we were going to leave today...but it was a lot windier, a lot lumpier and a lot crappier then it was suppose to be. Grama and I watched Stalking Island and the waves that were coming across the sound and hitting the far side and we could see the spray rising 30’-50’ in the air over the hill.

We decided to go to Volleyball beach at 10 for a fishing seminar and crossing the harbour wasn’t as bad as we had expected. The wind was SSE and the harbour was just barely in the lee of Stalking Island.

We decided to go get some pizza at St. Francis after the seminar (which Grama and I left early). We had the pizza (which seemed to be a frozen pizza as opposed to the GREAT homemade pizza Karen, Denis and I had before.

Once lunch was over we decided to head up the little river, beach the dingy and walk over the hill to the sound side. We walked the beach watching the waves break on the reefs we had snorkelled with Bob, Margret, Brenda, Bill and Janie a few weeks ago. It was spectacular watching the spray shoot 30’ and 40’ into the air. We were standing on the beach just at the edge of where the waves washed up on the beach keeping our feet dry and maybe every 6 waves a huge wave would wash up on shore and the water would rush up the beach and be up past your knees (I know I’m short but still it was a lot of water).

Grama started to look along the beach for some sea beans (beans that are off of trees in Africa and we were first showed these by Don on Next Exit). I was walking on ahead because I was anxious to get back to the boat so I could put on more sun screen (I burnt yesterday and I didn’t want to burn today too) when all of a sudden I saw a hamburger sea bean wash up on shore by the surf and I could hardly believe it and it almost washes away with the next wave as I stared at it dumbly. This far north and in the sound you’re not suppose to find the heart sea bean, which is the most common, let alone find a hamburger one (fyi it seriously looks like a hamburger).

When we got back to the dingy we decided to go back to the boat. On the way back the wind had just shifted slightly and was now almost from due south and the big swells were coming right in the south cut. Needless to say we had a wet salty ride home.

Back on the butt we didn’t do much, a little tidying and getting ready to leave Georgetown and then we read some.

Just after 7pm (because it’s cheaper then) we called Sinn Fein to wish Maria a Happy Birthday. We had a talk with Maria and then Kathy came on to talk about travel plans. We told her that we were planning on leaving Georgetown either tomorrow or Sunday and she told us that the wind is going to break later in Nassau and that they couldn’t leave until Monday. We agreed that she would call us after then to see where we were and then they would probably meet us in Black Point.


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Sammeh said...

seriously you find the most random things that have the most random names >>
its strange xD