Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 229

Last night we rocked and we rolled and this morning we were up and ready to get out of the anchorage. At 7am we departed and headed for Spanish Wells. It was a rolly day and I was very happy to get into a quiet dock at Spanish Wells. We needed to get an extension in our permit to remain in the Bahamas so we rented a golf cart and headed to the immigration office.

While driving through town we realized that Spanish Wells was nothing like any Bahamian town we had ever been in. Most of the population here is Caucasian and the houses are very well up kept. The town has a sense of pride about it...but not in an arrogant sense. They are grateful and proud to be where they are.

We found the immigration building and entered into a little room. Papa had called ahead to make sure they could take care of us and we had been assured they could so we entered expecting to have this over within half an hour. Unfortunately the officer who is posted there was ill and they could not help us. The man tending to us offered to call around and find someone who could help us and we said we would appreciate that. 15mins later we left felling slightly annoyed that we would have to make a long trip tomorrow to Eleuthera and to a town called Lower Bouge.

We decided to drive around the rest of the island in the golf cart. We drove along the waterfront and found a grocery store and decided to go in and pick a few things up. We came out and pilled the bags in the cart and started to drive back towards the marina. On the way there Papa commented that he didn’t see any beer or liquor. As we passed a little corner store Papa went in quickly to see if they sold any...and came back to the cart chuckling. No one on the island sells alcohol! We all laughed at that. We were on an island in the Bahamas that didn’t sell rum!
Back on the boat we unpacked the groceries and flaked out. Into the evening Papa went to a little take out place and picked up some supper for us. It was good but both Grama and I really weren’t hungry. We went to bed early and enjoyed the stillness of the boat.


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