Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 214

KAREN AND DAVE ARE GOING TO ARRIVE TODAY! As soon as I woke up I was excited. We did a bit of minor cleaning up and started to get ready for Karen and Dave’s arrival... there really isn’t much to get ready so we keep arranging things and then re arranging the same things just for something to do. There really wasn’t much to do and eventually we were just sitting around waiting.

Thankfully Denis had the idea about going snorkelling in a new spot he had heard about and so I called Shinning Time and let them know we were going to snorkel if they wanted to join us.

The place Denis had heard about really wasn’t anything so we decided to take Shinning Time back to the coral by the shipwreck. It was a fun time and eventually Denis and I had to head back because it was almost time for Papa and Denis to go get Karen and Dave. Grama and I had wanted to go pick them up but today was very windy and the wind was from the west (meaning Staniel Cay is very exposed a.k.a. large waves) and there would be too many people to fit in the dingy. In order to try and keep Karen and Dave as well as their luggage dry we decided to ask Denis to drive in with his dingy and take one of them and Papa would take our dingy and one of them and everyone would wear foul weather gear in hopes to keep the salt water off.

When Papa and Denis took off Grama and I pulled out the steaks for supper and got them ready and marinating, peeled potato’s and got supper all ready so we just had to turn on the oven, cut up some cheese, pulled out crackers and got all kinds of munchies ready. We were sitting and waiting and watching for their plane to fly overhead.

We were sure the plane that came in at 3 was theirs! We started to guess what time they would be arriving on the boat at. Can you tell we were excited? It was nearing the time we thought we would see them heading in the dingy around the corner and up the final stretch to the boat when Papa called on the VHF. I wondered why he was calling but we switched to a working channel and found it busy and it felt like forever before we were both on a clear working channel to talk. He said “They didn’t get off the plane”... “what?!?”
“They must have missed their flight but no one can tell me where they are. They gave me a number to call the Flamingo rep in Nassau so I want you to call them and let me know if I need to stay here. If not I’ll see you back on the boat. The number is...”
I got the number and we cleared the channel and Grama handed me up the phone. I called Flamingo Air and they told me that yes Dave and Karen had missed their flight and that they were rescheduled to fly into Staniel Cay tomorrow morning and be in at 8:45. I asked if they had any contact information in case I needed to get a hold of them or if she knew if they had found a place to stay and she said someone had helped them but she wasn’t sure where they were going to stay. She also volunteered that if I needed to talk to them I could call Flamingo Air tomorrow morning at 7am because they would be there and I could talk to them then. I thanked here and called Papa to let him know.

I was bummed and even more so for the extra cost of this trip for them. Nassau is thee expensive tourist trap because of Paradise Island and the casino. We were just sitting in the cockpit waiting for Papa to return when the cell rang and it was Dave. He said “well I have good news and I have bad news, which do you want to hear first?” I laughed and asked whether getting here tomorrow at 8:45 was good or bad because it was early. He said that ok it was good that I knew and they had a place to stay and it was a long distance call so he should go. Thinking he was on his Canadian cell we quickly said bye and hung up. We could hear about it tomorrow.

Trying to look on the bright side I asked Grama and Papa since there wouldn’t be too many people in the dingy, now that Karen and Dave weren’t coming until tomorrow, could we go to Thunderball’s all you can eat pizza, pasta & a movie night? I was trying to convince Grama and Papa saying it would be fun when Shinning Time called and asked what our plans were for the night and if our guests got in ok. I told them the news about Karen and Dave and told them I was trying to convince Grama and Papa to go to pizza pasta night and they thought that sounded like fun.

At 5ish Shinning Time picked me up and we headed in for pizza, pasta & a movie night at club Thunderball. We had fun and the movie was switched several times but the one they finally put in was don’t mess with the Zohan haha.

When I got back to the boat it was late (well for sailors) because the movie wasn’t started until 8:30ish. I found that Grama and Papa had had a fun night aswell. They had moved the boat to a more comfortable anchorage (the wind had clocked a little more NNW) and then had Karen and Denis over to eat up the supper we had gotten ready and then they decided to watch a Red Skeleton DVD we have.

The wind was blowing hard and the swells were hitting the beam so it wasn’t a comfy night. I guess it was a blessing Karen and Dave were on land in a big bed.


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Sammeh said...

awes that sucks
and you were so excited
but at least they got there alright :]