Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 202

Grama and I were up early but we didn’t want to leave the room until we had to leave at check out time. On the way back to the boat Grama and I did some grocery shopping and on the way out the door met up with some friends and stood on the side of the street chatting for quite a while.

When we got back to the boat we knew it was going to be hard getting out of the slip so we decided that I would stay on the dock and help them off and then take the dingy over to volleyball beach for the day. We got one of the guys that works on the dock to give us a hand getting them off. As Papa put her full out in forward a thick black substance (looked like oil) came out of the exhaust in a big puff and it filled the surface of the water in the slip. All I could think was oh shoot!!

Once they were off the dock I got in the dingy and started to make the crossing after them. When I was roughly in the middle of the harbour I noticed the Butt was turning around and heading back towards kid cove (where the dock is). I got ready to turn around and follow them back to the dock when they hollered that they were going to anchor in kid cove because it was calmer. I hollered back about the oil or whatever and I wasn’t sure if they heard me.

I decided to continue over to volleyball beach for the afternoon and thought I’d call them on the VHF to make sure they knew about the black stuff. We are suppose to be leaving tomorrow so I made sure to have a bowl of the conch salad for lunch (this conch salad is one of the best in the islands). I talked to Bill (or as Brenda has to call him Sir William :P), another cruiser, for quite a while and it was a fun afternoon. Bill assured me that the black stuff was just carbon build up in the exhaust from only running the engine in idle for the past week or so.

When I returned to the butt we had supper and I found that I had a sun burn =[. I’ve done so well for a while and had worn sun screen today but being out at noon and gotten a little bit wet while crossing the harbour =[.

We all laid around and read tonight...It’s the first time we have sat on the hook in a long time...we weren’t sure what to do with ourselves not having unlimited electricity and able to watch movies or play games on the computer.



Sammeh said...

awes at the limited accessories D:
you gotta deal :p
lol sunburn *giggles*

SO just to inform you
I have now put that every time you update your blog
it emails me
so I will update my speaking to you alot more
sorry about my absense and failage
I miss you like tons
but now I have to sleep ♥

ttyl babe <3

Sammeh said...

kay scratch that
cause I can't find that
at all D: