Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 201

Waking up this morning and not knowing whether we going back on the boat today or not just made me roll over in the nice big bed and try to go back to sleep. Grams just let me sleep until 1030 so I was sure we weren’t leaving today.

I went up to have breakfast and was disappointed that i was 3mins late (it was 10:33) for breakfast and the cheff had left =[, I had to wait for lunch. I chatted with some girls we met who flew in from Miami for a few days.

When I got back to the room Grams and I didn’t do much. Papa had gone down to the boat to run the engine and hope to burn off the smell from the alternator. At 12:30 Grams and I decided to quickly go down to the straw market to find a birthday present and then I was going to take the taxi over to Volleyball beach at 1. Sounded good in theory..and I really wanted to go...but Grama and I couldn’t decide on what to get and before we knew it it was 1:10 =[. We went back to the room and watched tv =]. I missed tv!

When Papa came back he assured us that the smell is now gone (forgive me for not jumping up and down but Papa can’t smell normally so I’m not too convinced...). So we are definitely going to go anchor out tomorrow and possibly leave Friday.

We had lunch here with Clay (from Carleigh) and when finished we again just lazed around :P until supper time, which we were going to have at a pizza place up by fish fry but ended up being lazy and just eating here again at the Peace and Plenty.

When we got back to the room guess what we did...we watched tv... and talked to Aunt Connie around 11 and talked about them possibly coming down to Staniel Cay or Compass Cay for a few days in about 2 weeks =]. I’m VERY excited about everyone coming down. Right now it’s 1am and Grama basically told me I HAD to get the blog up to date tonight. She loves to crack the whip (ily Grams<3).



Ruth said...

Thank Gram for crackin' the whip. We like to know how you are doing. :0) Ruth and Dick

Sammeh said...

haha you missed breaky by 3 minutes xD
but I miss you like tons? :]♥♥♥♥
I wish I could come down and see you
but money smells like poo
and I have none D: