Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 172

I was up early again this morning and turned on the VHF lol although after all the scotch Papa had last night I’m not surprised. Today the wind has picked up and there are quite a few swells so getting off the boat wouldn’t be too pleasant. So today we did absolutely NOTHING lol. I puttered around making bracelets and sitting, Papa and Grama both laid down and read.

Later in the afternoon Papa and I played the longest game of chess. I swear his strategy is to take so long to make one move that you forget your plan :P.

A little before we finished the game Don came by and chatted for over an hour, and then made his way over to visit the rest of the gang.

We ran the engine like we do every day to re charge the batteries and Papa told us he would treat us to a movie tonight. So while the engine was running we got to watch a movie before heading to bed.

It was such a stressful day :P.


1 comment:

Sammeh said...

fun doing alot of nothing?
I had one of those days.
actually it was friday x.x
everyone was busy
I wasn't
and it sucked.
and lol chess. I suck that that game.