Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 197

I was barely out of bed when Alvin came back to do some more work on the engine.

Today I didn’t even bother to be looking over their shoulders to figure out what was going on...If i act ignorant to the problem will it go away? We all seem to be slightly shorter with each other (except me, I’m perfect x]...ok ok Mama and Aunti J you can stop laughing at that I’ll admit I’m not perfect..but pretty close :P). The dock we are on has NO protection and is the WORST dock I have ever been on! But because of this problem we can’t leave and we’re trapped.

Alvin wasn’t here long before he took Papa out to buy a new starting battery. Apparently our starting battery was dead and we’ve been starting the engine off of the house batteries..which isn’t good considering how low we were letting the house batteries get.

While they were away Grama and I defrosted and cleaned out the fridge and barely had finished when they returned. They changed some fluid in the engine and then we were told we were good to go. We ran the engine and Papa claimed he couldn’t smell the smell but he must have a clogged nose because Grama and I could definitely smell it!!

We didn’t do much else for the rest of the day...ohh wait we wanted to turn the boat around so we would be bow into the waves so with the help of One Day (they happened to have come to check on us) we walked the boat around in the slip without having to turn on the engine and attempt to redock.

By the time we moved the boat it was almost supper time and we sat around reading and trying to take our mind off of the alternator and the worsening weather.