Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 195

Today Papa read every bit of information on the alternator and regulator. He looked up phone numbers and made inquiries about how hot the alternator should run while putting out a full charge.

Grama and I kinda went around and tried to stay off of the boat talking with people here and there. We ran into One Day. They are fellow Canadians who know Vertigo because he (Tony from One Day) use to teach.

When we returned to the boat in the late afternoon we told Papa that we heard of a mechanic and his wife was up at Sammy’s (a little bar on top of the Marina) right then. He went to talk to her and get a phone number to call and see if he could come down and look at the alternator. He made plans for the mechanic to come tomorrow morning. Let’s cross our fingers and pray that he can find the problem.


1 comment:

Sammeh said...

oh jeez
it should just be like bam~
you're fixed.
but you know
it just won't be that easy >>