Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 178

...I’ll admit with everything going on that the blog hasn’t been high on my priority all morning I was typing up the blog so I could update the blog this afternoon because we’re supposed to be leaving in the morning. As Grama said I think I learned my lesson as not keeping up with the blog, it was a nightmare trying to remember the order of events (you know which happy hour was what day and what beach we walked haha).

Eventually I went back to the dusty little computer shack and sat with a dozen other people and waited on the slow internet so I could update the blog. I was slightly upset that only my cousin Kail was online =[, Fattie, Sam, Steph I NEED TO TALK TO YOUS!!! I have some interesting news ;] :P.

Papa and some of our friends came by as I was online so that made the waiting for the blog to load go a little quicker. Marg kept checking to make sure I was still there because as soon as I was done I had to go back to the boat to make the nachos for tonight’s happy hour and she didn’t want to miss the nachos lmao.

When we headed back to the boat Grama had got the rest of the hors d'oeuvres finished and we were waiting on Bill and Janie who are heading home tomorrow and the reason for today’s happy hour (we need to make some excuse to have one everyday :P)

After everyone headed home we decided to watch a few more ‘I Love Lucy’ episodes because I’m almost positive we are going to head out to Long Island tomorrow with Southern Cross and Windswept (Brandaris is having refrigeration problems and Bill and Janie’s flight isn’t until 1:30).


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