Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 175

Well I laid in bed listening to the morning net and it was announced that someone was going to hold beginner guitar lessons at 11am at Volleyball beach...and all I could think was “Shoot I have to get outa bed” haha.

Rob is coming to help with the alternator again today so I headed over to Volleyball beach a little early so I wouldn’t be in their way trying to get my guitar and everything off the boat. It was a long, wet, windy trip across the harbour and I had to wear my foul weather gear to stay dry lol.

When I got over there I called Southern Cross to see if Denis was going to bring his guitar in. He hadn’t heard it but Denis and Karen came in at 11. It was an interesting lesson lol. As Denis said we learned that we need to find a guitar with a smaller neck and wider stings lmao.

After the lesson we played some dominos, chatted with people and then headed over to St. Francis (a marina/restaurant) for Pizza and then back to the beach to chat.

When it was time to head back (Sunset was approaching and traveling in the dingy after dark isn’t a good idea) I headed over to Windswept for a few mins to chat with Marg and then headed back to the butt.

When I got back I found that the alternator is fixed and heard about Grama and Papas day. They cleaned and fixed and cleaned and fixed and took everyone out for lunch as a thank you.

We had a movie night and headed to bed.


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Sammeh said...

lol guitar lessons
piano lessons ftw~ :D

hahal ast time I tried to learn guitar I failed
miserably :D