Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 177

So as i put in the blog yesterday, last night we were in agreement that Brandaris and ourselves weren’t leaving today. But who makes plans in the Bahamas? Walter got on the VHF this morning and told us that they were leaving with Windswept 4...All of a sudden we’re scrambling to prepare the boat to leave, everyone is instantly stressed out and...well let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant.

Brandaris needed to come into the dock for fuel before leaving so once the boat was close to ready I went to watch out for them and give them a hand docking. When we finally got them docked Brenda told me they we NOT leaving....ok so...I was confused.

We all had a long talk and decided that neither of us are leaving today and we are going to Long Island.

Well once we figured out that we weren’t leaving the question was what were we going to do today?...well the simple answer was almost nothing. We sat and read and sat and sat and lazed around and then it was arranged we could go snorkelling over on the ocean side of the island.

It was a blast! Brandaris (well minus Walter who had to watch the dock lines) and guests and Windswept all went and we saw some fish and collected shells. Then we all headed over to St. Francis to grab some drinks and ended up getting a few burgers lol.

At sun down we headed back to the butt and watched some movies.


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Sammeh said...

other than the
'scrambling' part it sounded like a nice day :]
again I wanna scuba dive =(