Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 187

No one wanted to get out of bed this morning and it was afternoon before Grama and I got up. We agreed that we had enough juice as long as we didn’t plug anything in to stay out on the hook for another day...this power thing is really starting to make everyone VERY bitchy and quite frankly is taking away from the pleasure of this trip...our destinations have been largely ruled by our alternator and everyone is getting very stressed and short with each other.

We decided to forget about our problem and head over to sand dollar beach and try to find sand dollars and then head over to volleyball for a drink and to see what was going on. We were very successful at finding tons of sand dollars and we walked quite a distance before we headed back to the dingy. On our way back we met up with some fellow cruisers and talked for quite a long time.

When we made it to volleyball we were so surprised to see more young people than cruisers. I guess we’ve lost track of time and its spring break and all the college kids have come for a week’s vacation to the Bahamas. Apparently all the young people who were there all came from the same college.

When we got back to the butt we didn’t do much. We washed some conch shells we picked up, we joined in with the chorus of conch horns at sun down and we had a lazy night.


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Sammeh said...

what are sand dollars?
I want a picture =D
I assume you guys have it all fixed the alternator now but that must of sucked since that is the prime source of where you are going D: