Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 191

...I was very surprised that Grama and Papa were up long before me this morning... but I didn’t get out of bed till after 11 lmao so it wasn’t like they were up too early :P.

Around 1 I ditched Grama and Papa :P and headed over to volleyball beach. On my way over I stopped by Brandaris and Walter told me to come aboard but didn’t seem very happy... It turned out that the motor he’s been having problems with on his fridge (not the main problem but one of the big issues) died.

Volleyball beach was volleyball beach lol, tons of things going on. Around 4:30 Brenda and Walter came to the beach and the couple we know introduced us to Nick from Intuition the HUGE mega yacht. Nick has offered his help or one of his three mechanics that he keeps onboard to help us with the alternator.

When I headed back to the butt Grama had supper ready and we really didn’t do anything lol. It was just another lazy night.


1 comment:

Sammeh said...

bet you have like a massive tan xD
and look all funny and not pandish anymore :O
oh noes
there is this store in london called the little panda restaurant

We are soooo going there when you come back :]