Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 193

OUR ALTERNATOR HAS ARRIVED!!! Papa read everything it came with and prepared the engine so it would be easy to just install the alternator, 30mins tops! Grama and I were going to do laundry but Papa asked if I could wait 15mins so I could help him tighten the belts. It was going to be fast and easy and all our problems would be solved and we would leave either in the morning or Thursday!

I waited and handed Papa tools and then started to help him work a sleeve into position that is really hard to explain but while doing this we got a big reality check. NOTHING ON A BOAT IS EASY! We had the sleeve break while we were trying to get it into position. We started to call up Nick on the big blue boat to see if he could help us.

Grama got the laundry pretty much done by the time we gave up and I went to go help her. She knew something had happened since it took us that long but when I came in she looked hopeful and curious...and she looked at me and didn’t ask what had gone wrong because she knew we still didn’t have an alternator.

To cheer us up Rita K and Clay invited us to Carleigh for a happy hour...that ended up lasting until almost 10 lol. It was soo much fun and just what we needed. While we were there Nick called and said we could bring the alternator over at 930am tomorrow morn. Kathy on Sinn Fein also called us to say they were in Bimini and would be in Nassau in 2 days =].


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Sammeh said...

awes well that sucks.
so much for the 30min wait until you got the alternator.
But you got a happy hour xD
lol <3