Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 173

This morning I was up at 7 and went back to bed and missed the net haha. Papa woke me up later to see if I wanted to go into Volleyball Beach with the rest of the gang to help with the sign. We said we’d think about it (I was NOT awake :P lol).

Eventually we made it into Volleyball beach and checked out the sign. It’s looking pretty good =]. Everyone sat around and chatted and I played a little volleyball with Bob and Marg haha (I fail). Janie and Bill from Port are staying with Brandaris and they were there having fun too =].We just sat around talking in the sun and decided to have an early lunch. Papa walked up to the Chat and Chill and ordered our burgers and I laid in the hammock working on a bracelet.

After we had kinda a picnic on the beach and decided we should work off our lunch and walk over to the ocean side beach. It was a short(ish) walk (a lot less then we normally have to get groceries and stuff) but in order to get there we had to cross a little river...well it wasn’t deep but it was up to Bobs chest and it’s salt water. With salt water if you get your cloths wet they never feel dry. So I jogged back to Volleyball and dragged the dingy back into the water and drove around and shuttled the girls and Papa across the 20’creek. The beach was beautiful and we collected a few shells.

When we got back to the boat we had to turn on the engine to charge... but the alternator wasn’t working no matter how we wiggled or play with the loose connection.
It was kinda a piss off but I guess we need to head into the dock in the morning and find someone to fix it.


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Sammeh said...

niki suck at vollyball?
couldn't of guessed that
Just kidding babe~
sounds like you had fun though =)
I wish I could be there =(