Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 199

Last night was TERRIBLE!! This dock has no protection and the fetch coming across the harbour...well you can barely walk onboard and when you stand on land you feel soo exhausted because even when you sleep you have to constantly brace yourself.

I woke up to find no one on board and was alone for about an hour lol. I guessed that they just wanted to get off the boat. When they returned we decided to go for a walk to get off the boat and by a new phone card...which since we didn’t want to be on the boat turned into lunch, walking around town and eventually booking a room at the Peace and Plenty for 3 nights. It’s undecided if we will stay the 3 days but with us not being convinced about the alternator being fine...and the weather is soo bad you get sea sick just looking at the boat rock while standing on shore...well we might easily be convinced to take a vacation from our vacation.

We packed bags and headed over. The room is nice with 2 double beds a nice porch with a view of the harbour and a bath tub!

We decided not to go far and eat here at the Peace and Plenty and I convinced Grama to try to play the ring game lol.


1 comment:

Sammeh said...

the ring game whats that?
and isn't that dangerous for the people who board there boats on that dock?
>> like wow.
thats good that you have are getting a room at a inn though :]