Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 176

I slept in x]. I had to get up when people started to come by the butt visiting lol. When Dave and Wendy came by we found out that they are leaving tomorrow. We gave them something we’ve been talking about for a while, a Port Stanley Sailing Squadron Honorary Membership =]. We also heard on the VHF that Windswept 4 was in the harbour.

Later we heard about an art show/sale at the Peace and Plenty. Bill, Janie, Benda, Walter, Dave and Wendy were there and it was neat seeing all the baskets and different crafty things the locals made with shells and other things that they could find.

On the way home Grama and I quickly went into the Exuma Market to pick up a few groceries and we met up with Heather and Murray from Windswept 4. We had a bit of a chat and got the details about a happy hour aboard Windswept (Bob and Marg’s windswept) before we all went our separate ways.

We didn’t really do anything else besides sitting around reading the rest of the day before the happy hour lol.

At happy hour it was discussed whether or not we would head out tomorrow with Heather and Murray or wait and go with Brandaris or go to Long Island with Windswept and Southern Cross. Long Island has been out of the question for a while and I don’t think it’s an option now but Bob won’t give up that we might go.

After we left Windswept we decided we were going to stay put and head north with Brandaris in a few days.


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Sammeh said...

lol I love how happy hour is a tradition now xD
and fun day?
I guess?