Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 188

This morning was the Regatta race around Stalking Island. We got up and watched several dozen boats circling, getting their sails up and waiting for the start. On the VHF CH72 the committee boat had an announcer giving positions of the boats and some racing history the competitors had submitted before the race.

Once the boats were out of sight we pulled up anchor and headed into the dock so we could charge up and check to see if the new alternator Papa ordered was in yet. We got docked and I went to see Brandaris and how their refrigerator repairs were coming. Unfortunately the shop they had sent their fridge to could not find the problem and so they are going to have to continually fill it with additional Freon. We chatted for a while before I headed back to the butt and it was brought up that there is a music festival in the park for the next three nights. Tonight is the gospel choirs and then the following two nights are to be the local groups, some groups from the mainland and the white folks on boats. The white folks on boats are different cruisers each year that are from the regatta and apparently a few years ago the locals gave them their name.

When I got back to the boat Grama told me to get all my laundry together, we ate lunch and then Grama and I headed off to do laundry.

When we finally finished the laundry (I’ll admit I really really hate laundry lmao) we put our beds back together (we washed all the sheets too) which is a pain, although mine is easy compared to Grama’s bed and then sat for a bit before taking a drink and heading over to visit with Brandaris.

We had a lot to chat about and we stayed quite a while longer than we had intended but it was fun =]. I was eager to get back to the boat though cuz I was starving lol. When we did get back I made up supper and we sat and watched a couple of movies.

Ohh I forgot to mention the alternator still isn’t here.


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Sammeh said...

I hate laundry too
I wish clothes would just be always clean
it would be alot easier on me
but then again.
I'm lazy

LOL I'm trying to figure out why there is a wheelchair sign by the word verification xD