Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 194

We got up and headed out to my big blue dream boat. When you arrive in the dingy you tie off of the floating dock to starboard and walk up the stairs to the deck. In getting out of the dingy we had to take off our shoes and of course one of my favourite flip flops went overboard and I couldn’t get it =[.

When we got back to the Butt I wasn’t feeling so hot so I went back to bed for a little while. After we got back to the boat all there was for us to do was sit around and wait for Nick to call and say he was going to drop off the alternator or we needed to go pick it up.

It was later in the afternoon when Nick called for Papa to go pick up the alternator and as soon as it was onboard it was ready to be installed with no more tinkering with the sleeve. Papa got the alternator in and then...we were sooo nervous...we started up the engine. THE ALTERNATOR WAS WORKING! was all good until Grama and I started to smell something funny. It smelt like being in the wood shop at school...a sort of a heated/burning wood smell. We opened the engine locker and the alternator was too hot to touch. We had run the engine for 7 mins before we shut it down and opened every hatch. IT STUNK!! It burned your eyes the smell was soo strong.

It was getting later so we had supper and sulked for the rest of the night.


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Sammeh said...

ouch the alternator is just being a bitch xD