Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 181

This morning we all decided to check out a cave that’s right in Salt Pond not too far from where we’re anchored. Denis knew where to go but Bob and Marg and ourselves got lost when Denis was late lol. It was a pretty neat cave and the front entrance was well lit through holes in the ceiling. As you got farther back in the cave it was pitch black and very humid. We explored for about a half an hour before we decided to head down to the Long Island Breeze.

There we decided to have nice hot $5 showers! It was soo nice to have hot hot water and not having a small rinse and having to turn the shower off to conserve water!

After showers we pulled out the laptops to get online for the blog and email. I even called Aunti J before she leaves for Puerto Vallarta tomorrow. She’s still insisting that we should sail around the little point of Florida and meet them in Mexico, like she says it’s only a few inches on the map. I told her that she knew where I was and that they should have flown here so she could visit with me in the Bahamas. As we were talking she asked about the temperature and she said in her office she had about the same, and she asked about the breeze and I told her it was cool and she opened up her window a bit and she then asked me to send her a pic of the view I had right then and I did and she said see I’m basically there with you, I can see what you see, I’m on skype so I can hear what you hear, I have the same temp with a cool breeze AND I have a new background for my computer lmao.

When we were heading back to the boat another cruiser invited me over to ‘Shining Time’ for a pot luck dinner. He said that friends on ‘Hullabaloo’ were coming over and they both had teenagers, one being 15 another being 17. I accepted and agreed to bring over some dessert =].

We went back to the boat and I found some cookies and a small rum cake and headed over to Shining Time. It was a fun evening and the food was great (the mother from Hullabaloo made the best homemade cookies! Lol).

At the end of the night I headed back to the butt and found Grama and Papa laying around lol. We had to head to bed early because we’re getting the rental car first thing in the morning and one end of the island...whether it’ll be north or south we haven’t decided yet.


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Sammeh said...

sooo you know
I'm sorry ^^;
haha well I get showers for free :D
but $5 is cool too