Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 185

The main issue for today was for Papa to extend our health insurance. The plan we have now allows us to be out of the country for 60 days. It hasn’t been an issue before because with having to go home in Oct. and then for Christmas we had returned to the country and our 60day countdown started again when we left. It took a while for Papa to answer the questions and the phone died before he could finish the call.

Grama and I decided we were going to have a big supper tonight aboard Nice Butt since it is the last night we’re going to be with Southern Cross and Windswept. They’re heading south to the Ragged Islands while we have to return to Georgetown to get the new alternator Papa ordered to be sent from Barrie ON.

While Grama tidied Papa and I went to town. I picked up some groceries while he filled the gas can and took out the garbage. We bought a new phone card so he could call back the insurance company.

When we got back to the boat Grama and I cooked while Papa finished renewing the insurance.

And then supper. It was a great time and we had hamburgers (home made of course) and sausages and potato salad and Bahamian style mac and cheese and some salad and rum cake for dessert x]. When everyone left we headed to bed early so we can get an early start out of here in the morn.


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Sammeh said...

so is that something that you have to renew efvery sixty days?
can you get a longer one or no?
and whats bahamian style mac and cheese?