Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 174

We dragged last night>_>

I haven’t checked the anchor more than twice in this whole trip and I normally don’t get out of bed in the middle of the night but for some reason I was awake at 3am and I had to check the anchor...I guess something just didn’t sound right.

I was up in the cockpit and our position just wasn’t right but we weren’t moving... I sat and watched for a few minutes before I decided I was sure we had dragged because the boat off the starboard bow was definitely ‘Scallywag’ who had been anchored off of our starboard quarter and we were extremely close to ‘Bojoli’ the boat that had been off our port quarter and was now abeam of us but just slightly ahead. A few times when we swung I was nervous about us colliding with Bojoli.

I got Grama and Papa up and he quickly agreed with me that we had dragged and possibly reset. The problem was that it was dark and our anchor could possibly be tangled with Bojoli’s and if so hauling up our anchor would cause them to drag and could potentially cause us to collide with them...but then we were worried about colliding with them if we did nothing.

Eventually we decided to get Grama to back down on the anchor to make sure it had reset, which it had. From there we made the decision to wait and see what happens. We were swinging close (within a boat length) to Bojoli but in a consistent pattern so we put out all of our fenders on our port side and sat watch from 3am on.

When it was light out we talked to Bojoli and they felt safe that we wouldn’t collide, which was kinda a relief.

When the net came on at 8 papa made an inquiry about a place to get the alternator repaired. Rob from Duet came back when the net was over to offer his assistance with it.

When Papa was done talking to Rob we had to pull up anchor... It was a good decision not to do it last night because even with being able to signal Grama about where the chain is we came VERY close to Bojoli.

Rob came over shortly after we got into the dock and he seemed to know what he was talking about when it came to mechanics (well we later found out that he was a mechanic) and he was calm and he explained everything that he was doing and asked permission to go ahead and open up the case in the alternator! After having some pushy help on this trip where they just did what they wanted it was like ‘ding ding ding we have a winner!’ lmao.

The boys worked on it pretty much all day while Grama and I did laundry. When we noticed them start the engine I walked back to the boat to see that it was fixed...but unfortunately the alternator wasn’t kicking in. Rob said he knew what needed to be tinkered with and promised he’d be back in the morning to fix the problem.

We were exhausted but wanted to take advantage of being at a dock so I made nachos and we watched a movie, million dollar baby to be exact lol I almost didn’t make it through the movie I was tired.


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Sammeh said...

wow x.x
good thing you woke up there babe~
and lol scallywag. i ♥ those terms~
POTC<3 >:D