Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 179

I had to be up a couple hours earlier than I have been for a while to get the boat ready to be underway...and I’ll admit I wasn’t very happy about it. We secured everything down below and then had to get the motor off the dingy and gut the dingy and raise the dingy onto the foredeck. When Windswept called we were close to being completely ready.

We headed out and Denis, Marg and I were just waiting to clear Pigeon Cay so we could drop our hooks in the water and catch a fish for supper tonight.

It was a gorgeous day and we counted at least 15 boats left Georgetown with us. sailed We at 5-6knots for most of the way =]. At one point the prop was spinning so noisily we locked it in reverse so it would stop banging. Later on Grama even decided to throw another fishing line in to see if we could catch something.

When we started to fall behind some of the group we decided we should motor sail a wee bit while the wind was barely blowing and our sails were luffing. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the boat in gear... Papa played around with it and finally we called Denis to see what he thought. We ended up getting it in gear and we think that when we locked the prop to stop it from banging we built up to much pressure.

As we were nearing Long Island I pulled in our fishing lines, disappointed we hadn’t even gotten a bite when I found that both of our lines had been cut and even our leaders were gone =[. No wonder we didn’t catch anything.

Once the lines were in we had to turn up into the wind, drop the sails and lower the dingy into the water so I could get to the anchor locker to prepare it.

Everyone made their way into the North East corner of the bay to anchor for the night. Here, unlike Georgetown, everyone who anchored spread out nicely and no one felt crowded.

Once we were settled Karen called us and invited us to happy hour aboard Southern Cross at 4:30. We headed over and met Bob and Penny from ‘Pretty Penny’ (a power cat). It was a fun night and we were invited to have a movie night to watch Captain Ron aboard Pretty Penny at 5:30 tomorrow night.


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Sammeh said...

ouu sounds fun
and awes your lines were cut =(
I like fishing~
yay movie night~ =]♥