Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 178

Well so far today I've typed stuff up for the blog and typed for the blog lol and at the moment I'm sitting in the same little computer shack as last time I updated the blog. And I am disappointed that not one of my friends are online =[.

I know I missed a few days in the blog and I'll post them later. Umm there were some exciting things that happened on those days like hanging out with Karen on Volleyball beach (enjoying the scenery as Marg would say :P), hanging out with Ann on Next Exit and having the boys drink 4 bottles of Don's scotch *rolls eyes*...umm sorry Karen but I have to tell them that while getting in the dingy after a happy hour aboard Say Yes Karen somehow lost her balance and fell out of the dingy...well half out and then rolled the rest of the way out...there have been some theories about Dennis's involvement :P.

Tomorrow should be a good weather window to head to Long Island so I think thats the plan... but who knows lol.

I have to hurry back to the boat now to make up some nachos for a happy hour aboard Nice Butt tonight lol.


1 comment:

Sammeh said...

I sorry that I wasn't on.
I've haven't been on lately =(
and lol how did she manage that? xD
I would probably do that too though x.x
since I have no balance and am a clutz XD