Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 186

Today we departed from Long Island to head back to Georgetown... I was excited to get moving but it was sad to split up with Windswept and Southern Cross...I had hoped we could join them in going farther south and spear fishing and exploring islands that have either no inhabitants or possibly one home at most.

When we headed out we raised the dingy onto the deck and got underway. We put out the fishing lines and hoped to catch a Wahoo!

It was a pleasant day but we didn’t catch that Wahoo or any other fish =[. When we got into the cut we all agreed that we had enough power in the batteries to stay out at anchor for a night.

We dropped the hook by Sand Dollar beach and got settled. After a while I decided to take the dingy and go find Brandaris. I told Papa I was going to find them and head over to Volleyball beach.

It didn’t take long to spot Brandaris’ blue mast lol and luckily they were aboard. They told me they had just got back from town. They told me that their fridge still hasn’t been fixed. They are going to go into the dock tomorrow and the shop that has been working on the fridge is going to uninstall the fridge and take it to the shop to run some more tests on it.

I headed into Volleyball for a while and talked to some people and headed back to the butt. Gram’s hip was bugging her so she was laying down when I got back. One thing I missed about Georgetown is that every night at sunset all the cruisers blow their conch horns and even though cruisers do that in other islands there are sooo many cruisers here everyone starts to try to outdo each other and it lasts for quite a while lmao.


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Sammeh said...

man I suck at vollyball
and lulz
at the conchshell wars
hahah xD
LOL nice fish name wahooo~ does it say that toooooo?